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Sustainable fashion is in high demand as fast fashion trends grow- bringing large amounts of waste and pollution with. Elkhorn is a fashion collection created with sustainable materials and a zeitgeist focusing on the endangered coral reefs and overfishing. The name "Elkhorn" originates from one of the top species of coral that is endangered. 

Sustainable fashion mood board.jpg

Mood board containing color scheme and sustainable materials to be used in the collection such as organic hemp, tulle, silk, and linen.



To create a fashion collection there is first a mood board created (as pictured above) and initial sketches of all the looks. Fashion flats are made showing all the stitching and fabric details. Then all the looks are digitally rendered within a single collection illustration. It is important to include visual details of texture, such as the hemp and linen included. I also added fishing rope, netting and hooks within garments to bring awareness to the overfishing zeitgeist. The colors chosen represent the actual color of Elkhorn coral itself. 

Initial fashion look sketches

Sustainable Flats.jpg

Fashion Flats



The final rendered version includes all finished looks with visual details of fabric texture, coloring, and shading. An accompanying illustration is included to be used as an advertisement for the featured collection.

Sustainable Collection.jpg

Elkhorn Fashion Collection

Sustainable Collection Illustration.jpg

Elkhorn Illustration

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