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Escoffier is a culinary school with campus locations in Boulder, CO and Austin, TX. There are also many additional online programs offered through Escoffier and the programs needed marketing illustrations for the website that were inviting to incoming students to encourage them to sign up. 


Escoffier Online Program Ads



Sketches were first made of the advertisements to be used on the Escoffier Instagram page. Images of dishes made by students are featured in the advertisements to promote Escoffier's online program's integrity. An established font and color scheme was applied to each of the ads.  Every program has a featured visual graphic to accompany on the website.

Escoffier Online Website Graphics



There is a consistent content layout established for Escoffier online program advertisements. Online ads promote work made by students to showcase the level of skills acquired throughout the courses. Incoming students are encouraged to sign up for programs no matter what culinary experience or skillset one has. The online environment for Escoffier is established as optimistic and inviting.

Escoffier Online Website Graphics

escoffier illustration-01.png

Escoffier Graphic Illustration Ad

escoffier planners.png

Escoffier Planners

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