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In Pursuit of Tea is a tea company that was founded in 1999. The company supplies home tea drinkers with a wide range of selection still picked and processed by hand. In Pursuit of Tea was in need of a packaging design for the 4 oz looseleaf tea products. 

tea sketch.png

Packaging Sketches



First, sketches were made of all design elements to go into the packaging. It was important that the design was easily transformable to create consistency throughout color scheme, branding, and the varying types of tea products in general. Elements such as tea type, character, origin, and ingredients were requested to be on the front of the packaging. 

In Pursuit of Tea Packaging


Packaging consistency was established and matched throughout all In the Pursuit of Tea products. Color schemes were developed for each type of tea blend and specific dialogue is used for descriptions. Easily readable typography is included throughout all design elements of packaging.

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 3.48.40 PM.png

In Pursuit of Tea Packaging

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