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Perlis in-office Branding


perlis logo-01.jpg

Perlis Medspa & Wellness Center is a medical spa focusing on inner and outer beauty. PWC values natural medicine remedies that are comprehensive and convenient. 

Perlis Wellness Center proposed an updated logo and website to revamp their brand. PWC needed visuals that were a better representation of their brand identity.


The practice was formerly named Perlis Wellness Center but it was recently changed to Perlis Medical Spa and Wellness Center. The new brand name is more sophisticated and descriptive of the services offered. I first garnered up a vision of the brand name in regard to typography and color scheme. Muted green and purple tones were chosen as well as a serif typeface. Dr. Cheryl Perlis' signature is also a part of the new logo. Cheryl is the owner of the practice and wanted to be organically represented in the logo design.

Perlis logo 2017
perlis logo-02.jpg
Perlis logo 2021



New logo design and an updated website was delivered to create a revamped brand identity for Perlis Medspa & Wellness Center. 

"The updated brand is much more representative of the practice. Perlis Medspa is reinvented to a modern luxurious wellness center"

~PM Patient

Perlis mockup.jpg

Perlis Logo 2021

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Website Design

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Perlis Website Branding

perlis website img.png
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